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Simplify3D Version 4 – Smarter Break-Away Rafts

In Version 4 of Simplify3D the publishers introduced a couple of changes that they claim reduce print times when using rafts and, additionally, make it easier to separate the raft from the part.

In this video I look through what has changed from Version 3, regarding rafts, and run some test prints on both versions to see the improvements. I was surprised!!

If you want to download the part that I used for the tests, which as far as I can tell is the same part Simplify3D show on their website to highlight print time improvements, you can get it here!

Find Simplify3D here

Simplify3D Version 4 – Strong Foundations – Improved Support Structures

In this video I try out what Simplify3D refer to on their website as “Strong Foundations”. What this actually means is that in version 4 they have added a couple of new settings to improve the bed adhesion and overall strength of support material.

I look at what these new settings do and what that could mean for support structures – especially if you have ever had issues with the supports lifting off the printer bed.

Find Simplify3D here

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