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Simplify3D Version 4 – Improved Mesh Reduction

OK – so I thought I was done with the What’s New in Simplify3D Version 4 series …. seems not! When I made that series I skipped over one of the new features, “Improved Mesh Reduction”, simply stating I don’t use Simplify3D for mesh reduction. That was a bit of a cop out and I was asked to do a video of the feature. So here it is!

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Simplify3D Version 4 – External Fill Customization

I have come to the end of the new features in Simplify3D Version 4! The last feature I will be covering is called “External Fill Customization” and allows you to specify the angle at which top & bottom layers’ infill are printed.

This is useful if, for aesthetic purposes, you want all the external surfaces of your print to have a uniform or specific direction of filament, even when those surfaces are at differing heights. It could also be argued that you could increase the strength of a part by dictating the direction of the filament on the external layers. Simplify3D allowed you to set the internal infill layer directions in previous versions, so this new feature brings you the option to do that with the surface layers too.

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Simplify3D Version 4 – Multi-Process Vase Mode

In this video I take a look at the changes Simplify3D have made to vase mode in Version 4. As the name of the feature implies, you can now use multiple processes in vase mode! :O

In Version 3 this wasn’t possible at all – so no comparisons can be done, but I run a print that uses 3 processes to mix vase mode and solid structures.

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Practical Uses of a 3D Printer – Printing a Nipple

Now I don’t really use my 3D printer for anything decorative – and there are plenty of videos out there if that’s what you want to see. So I thought I would occasionally put up a video showing how I use the 3D printer for more practical purposes. This is the first of those – hopefully future parts will be a little more interesting!!

In this video I make a nipple to fix a vacuum reservoir – showing the issue, the design, the slicing and the print. Then fixing the new part in place, repairing the item.

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