3D Printing Questions – Custom Start G Code in Slic3r, Simplify3D & Cura Slicers

I recently received a message from a subscriber who was having issues with their starting G Code and asking if I could send mine to them. I explained that Start G Code is fairly unique to a specific printer and the user’s requirements. So I created a video, linked above, detailing where custom start G Code can be set in Slic3r, Simplify3D & Cura, together with a description of the kind of things to look out for and insert in this start G Code.

I refer to the RepRap Wiki page on G Code, which can be found here. This lists pretty much all the commands you are likely to come across in a G Code file.

I also mention a list of some common placeholder variables that can be inserted in custom G Code – to be replaced during export with settings from your profiles. That list of┬áSlic3r, Simplify3D & Cura common placeholder variables is here. Please note that, apart from Slic3r, support and documentation from the slicers is poor to non-existent.

I will be covering the Custom End G Code in the next video as this first video on the subject was getting long due to having to cover the basics of G Code and the differences in the slicers.


  1. I have Simplify 3D and CR10 printer. I reviewed RepRap and did not see the CR10. Which one should i use in place of the CR10?

    • julesgilson

      March 5, 2018 at 12:00 pm

      I guess you mean it is not listed in the configuration assistant? There should be a listing for a CR10 unless it is an old version of S3D. I have never used the assistant but if it is not there you will need to set it up yourself. For the machine settings (Tools->Options->Machine tab) – the choice is either cartesian or delta. A CR10 is cartersian. You then need to set it up with the limits (Build Volume) of your printer. I am afraid I don’t know what they are for a CR10 but there will be plenty of info if you Goolge simplify3d cr10 settings.

      This link give details of the build volume and offset for the machine setting.

      For print profiles – you will find hundreds of ideas and profiles you can download.

      Sorry can’t be of more help – the CR10 is quite different to my printer and each needs its own settings.

  2. Thanks for the video and explanations.

    I allways didn’t like on print starting that the nozzle is dripping while waiting on full temperatur for the bed to heat up.
    Now I preheat the bed to 75% of the end temperatur and than heat bed and nozzle to full temp … works great.

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