I thought this part was going to be simple – all pretty much in line with the Original Prusa Build Manual. There were a couple of complications though, one minor and one slightly major 😉

The minor one was that the left side X Axis ABS part was modified by Tom in his build to take the limit switches included in his, and my, parts list. The only snag is that the ABS is quite thin and has to act as a threaded part as there is not enough room on the back for a nut. I expected that the screw itself would cut the thread OK, but it started de-laminating so I had to drill and tap it. Not a major issue.

The slightly bigger job was I had to cut slots in the front (from front of printer) side of the extruder carrier to be able to thread through the tie-wraps which secure the bearings in. The idea is that they pass through hollow channels designed into the part but mine were bunged up with infill.

That last one is definitely worth checking before you start – its quite a lengthy job to do it “carefully” if you cant push them through.

Other than that – this section is simple and quick.