Download the Old Netfabb Basic (Free)

UPDATE: Slightly Embarrassing, version 5.2 is included in the Prusa Drivers Package – read here…
Later versions of Netfabb Basic can be downloaded  from here

Although I am in the middle of building a 3D printer, it has been about a year since I last prepared a 3D model for 3D printing. Part of my process was to use Netfabb for repairing meshes so that I could get manifold parts ready for printing.

At that time there was a version of Netfabb available called Netfabb Basic, or Free – which was, well free! Great tool not just for mesh repairs but the best tool I have found for measuring 3D meshes, specifically STL files.

So, now that I need to be preparing these files again and having installed a new desktop since last using Netfabb, I went to download it…. except it’s not really there anymore.

When I say not really there anymore I mean that Netfabb the company was bought by Autodesk – and they decided to make Netfabb a commercial product. Boo. I noticed that if you persevere you can get an unlimited time trial version, which I did install. But it seems that Autodesk have decided to remove the measurement tools from this version!!! One of the main reasons I used it. I am still not sure if I have gone mad and am just missing something but when I went from the 30 day trial to the unlicensed version suddenly no measurement button….

So I set out trying to find a copy of the older Netfabb Basic – feeling sure that would be easy. Well it is and it isn’t. I thought I might as well get the latest version of Netfabb Basic before it was swallowed by Autodesk. Longish story shortish, I couldn’t find a version history. By powers of deduction I believe that version 7.4 was the last (I find no reference to 7.5……)

It seems someone else thought it would be good to keep these downloads available, and the version I used can be downloaded from GitHub here (7.4.0 – Windows 32 Bit).

I have run it on Windows 10, both on a 64 bit and 32 bit machine and both seem to work fine. You can just chuck the contents of the zip file somewhere and open netfabb.exe.

I will be keeping the zip file tucked away somewhere, so if that link goes dead, give me a shout and I can get it to you.

I also found a copy of the version 7 manual, which can be downloaded here.

As always, hope this is useful to someone, someday.


  1. Just lost my laptop, and starting a new machine. So many thanks for making this available! I depend on NF Basic for the measurement tool, I build full size game props and the like.

    • julesgilson

      March 22, 2018 at 11:26 am

      I use the old one for the same reason – haven’t found anything else that can take measurements on meshes in a better way. Glad it helped.

  2. On an older computer, I still had the 2017.1 install files and has Measure Tool. With 2017.3, I saw the tools go away. I haven’t checked or tested to see if any newer version has been released, or if back with the Free version

    • julesgilson

      April 23, 2018 at 3:54 pm

      I haven’t checked either – maybe one day – although I have no other reason to use Netfabb.

      • Yep, I only use NetFabb for measuring, some raw cutting apart, and saving the STL back out. I don’t use it to its potential.

        I use Simplify3d and it doesn’t have any cutting tool.

        Some other slicer programs, do have the Cut tool, but as long as I have the older NetFabb version, then I don’t need to worry.

        Thanks for the article on the subject.

  3. Helpful. Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much! I lost mine when I had to reformat my computer,
    Thanks again 🙂 you’re a legend!

  5. I used to use the free upload/download version of Netfabb Basic which allowed me via my Mac running El Capitan to upload files for checking/fixing………is this version now gone??

    Thanks, All!


    • julesgilson

      March 22, 2020 at 10:09 am

      Autodesk bought Netfabb a while back. I believe they still offer a free version (or did a while back) but it has less features than the old free version. The link at the top of this post will allow you to download a pre-Autodesk version. Please note: my info is old as I have not looked at the new Netfabb offered by Autodesk for quite a while.

  6. it still been use full 2020 gracias amigo

  7. And the old free linux version, can be found anywhere?

  8. Really really thanks for sharing this. I was getting crazy trying to find it.


  10. Thank you Kindly – it is really appreciated

  11. Thanks so much for this, Netfabb is a fantastic tool – thanks for keeping track of this version!

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